What Educators Will Stop, Keep, and Start Doing in 2022

Dec 22, 2021

As we round up our sophomore year in a distance learning set up, we asked educator friends about what they’ve learned about teaching and about coping with the challenges of the pandemic. 

What will you STOP DOING come 2022?

Better time management is a common theme. Whether it’s proper scheduling of tasks or avoiding procrastinations, we’ve all found it vital that no matter how full your day is, you have to make time for yourself to do the things you enjoy, to rest and recharge.

  • Rizalyn Sahagun (Ateneo De Naga University Senior High School): Sa pagtuturo –  Sa nakaraang sem, isa sa mga lumabas sa aking ebalwasyon ay ang pag-oovertime sa klase. Upang mas maging epektibo ang aking estratehiya, maglalaan ako ng angkop na oras para sa gawain, talakayan, at ebalwasyon. Iiwasan o ititigil ko na ang pag-oovertime sa darating na 2022 dahil kahit natutuwa ako ay nalilimita ko ang oras ng aking mag-aaral sa iba nilang gawain/asignatura. Sa sarili naman ay iiwasan/ititigil ko na ang over-working, pagpupuyat, at pagpapalipas ng gutom. Ito ay mga salik na nakakaapekto sa aking pagganap. Halimbawa, madalas sumasakit ang ulo kapag maghapon at magdamag na akong nakatutok sa computer. Lumalabo rin ang paningin.
  • Christine A Dela Peña (Camarines Sur National High School): I will stop wasting time on excuses, avoid procrastination, and stop multitasking in order for me to produce the best learning materials for my students.
  • Val Dominic Monit (Ateneo De Naga University Junior High School):  I will stop expecting that all face to face learning experiences have an online equivalent. Oftentimes it could be so tiring to equate online activities to face to face ones. Exhausting not only for teachers who design learning activities but also students who find the tasks taxing.
  • Michelle Toledo (PAREF Woodrose School): I will stop thinking that it is “impossible” and shift to the mentality that everything is possible.Change is inevitable. Who would have thought we would suddenly be confined in our homes for almost 2 years. Pre-pandemic online classes have not crossed my mind but looking at us now thriving in the set-up as an educator and even as a student.
  • Cherry Pie Calanoc (PAREF Woodrose School): I will stop allowing moments of negativity to linger. It is human to let moments of negativity come in when things are frustrating, but I will have to be more proactive in not letting these moments stay long because they are not healthy for me to keep as I live my life.
  • Ethel Gina Bailon (PAREF Woodrose School): I will stop doing anything beyond my sleep schedule in 2022.
  • Almira Xenia Cunado (Muntinlupa Science High School): I will stop doubting myself, my capacity, my students, and every opportunity to grow.


What will you KEEP DOING in 2022?

Our best weapon in anything is preparedness. Our educator friends have learned that self-readiness paves the way for better productivity. “ It was a realization during this pandemic that during a crisis your first line of defense is yourself”, says Ms. Michelle Toledo of PAREF Woodrose.

  • Rizalyn (ADNUSHS): Ipagpapatuloy ko ang pag-uupdate ng mga gawain na angkop sa paksang tatalakayin. Ipagpapatuloy ko rin ang pagbibigay-konsiderasyon sa aking mga mag-aaral na nangangailangan. Maging ang pagbibigay ng mga babasahing materyal na makakatulong upang mapalawak/lalim ang pag-unawa ng mga mag-aaral sa paksa. Ipagpapatuloy ko ring organisahin ang aking mga gawain sa pamamagitan ng pagtatala nito sa aking whiteboard para madali kong makita ang mga kailangang agad na bigyang prioridad.
  • Christine (CSNHS): I will continue boosting the learners’ engagement in every activity, ensuring to keep the passion burning and be authentic. Continue being personally competitive in dealing with things in life and make sure to have progress.
  • Val (ADNUJHS): I will keep on delivering the most essential competencies and accept the fact that not all competencies could be delivered online. I will also keep on looking for apps and innovative and efficient ways to maximize student engagement in online learning especially during synchronous sessions.
  • Michelle (PAREF Woodrose School): I will continue to prioritize self care – spiritual, emotional, and physical aspects of caring for oneself. It was a realization during this pandemic that during a crisis your first line of defense is yourself and especially if there are people who depend on you, you have to always be ready.
  • Cherry (PAREF Woodrose School): I will keep self – checking myself before I end each day. Through this practice, I can take note of how I fared in spending the day and how I can improve as a person. 
  • Ethel Gina Bailon (PAREF Woodrose School): I will keep doing the personal and professional targets I have set for myself including Xepto if given the opportunity.
  • Almira (MSHS): I will keep improving my skills, and expanding my horizons beyond what my eyes can see.


What will you START DOING in 2022?

Maybe resolutions are cliche but we constantly find ways to progress and improve. Here’s what the teachers have to say about their personal goals for next year.

  • Rizalyn (ADNUSHS): Sisimulan kong bigyan ng limitasyon ang inilalaaang oras sa pagtugon sa mga concern ng aking mga mag-aaral. Lagi ko kasing tinutugunan ang mga concern nila kahit anong oras na mabasa ko ang kanilang mensahe. Mas mainam kung magtatakda na ako ng oras para masulit ko naman ang aking pagpapahinga.
  • Christine (CSNHS): I will start doing tasks aligned with good intentions to the best of my abilities. I will use my intuition, have focus, and develop more positive and fulfilling life experiences.
  • Val (ADNUJHS): I will start establishing rapport among and within learning groups so as to create a community of learning. This community is essential in the development of social skills among students.
  • Michelle (PAREF Woodrose School): I will always be open to new possibilities and opportunities and work on being a better version of myself as a wife, mother, educator, friend and citizen.
  • Cherry (PAREF Woodrose School): I will start to add more recreational activities whenever possible in my schedule. This is so that I can still have some element of enjoyment and fun in my life even if things can be very stressful and challenging 
  • Ethel (PAREF Woodrose School): I will start doing the website that I have long planned for.
  • Almira (MSHS): I will start planning ahead all the time so I will be able to manage my stress gracefully.


We have learned and unlearned so much about others and ourselves since a global pandemic has forced us to spend more time confined in our spaces. As we enter a new year, we are hopeful for better circumstances for us, for our students and for the world. Cheers to all of you, our friends! Happy holidays and a happy new year! 



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