Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for Teachers in the Philippines

Jul 30, 2023

If you are an educator wanting to progress your career, it is important to keep learning and developing your skills. One major way to ensure you are abreast with the skills needed in 21st century education is to keep up with your required CPD points.

Continuing Professional Development, or CPD, encompasses a range of learning experiences that help you level up as an education professional. Whether you’re focusing on building upon your existing strengths or working on areas where you may have some gaps, building your CPD credentials is a powerful way to boost for your career.

What is CPD?

Continuing Professional Development is all about keeping the learning game strong for registered and licensed professionals in the Philippines. Attributing to Republic Act No. 10912, also known as the “Continuing Professional Development Act of 2016”, it’s mandatory for registered and licensed professionals to accumulate CPD points to renew their Professional Identification Cards (PICs). These credit units can come from various learning sources like formal courses, informal workshops, or even on-the-job experience.

The Need for CPD in the Philippine Education System

Change is the only constant in this world. It couldn’t be truer in the world of education. The education system in the Philippines has witnessed significant changes over the years — thanks to technological advancements, ever-evolving student needs, and government policy changes. Students today are growing up in a digital age, and the way they learn and engage with the world is vastly different from how it used to be.

As educators, we need to keep up with these changes, the latest trends, and new teaching techniques. The traditional teaching methods may not always cut it anymore. We need fresh ideas and innovative approaches to engage our students despite the many distractions we are competing against.

That’s where CPD comes in—it’s a means to stay on top of our game.

The CPD program provides teachers with a structured and purposeful approach to improve their professional practice throughout their careers. It equips them with the necessary knowledge and skills to address the challenges of the modern classroom, ensuring that they remain at the forefront of education excellence.

Where to take CPD courses

To score CPD accreditation in the Philippines, a course needs to comply with regulations set by the PRC and the specific Professional Regulatory Board (PRB) in charge. CPD providers must competently provide knowledge, skills, and values in order for PRC to accredit their courses wiht a certain number of CPD points. The PRC evaluates these course with a fine-tooth comb to make sure they check all the boxes for compliance and top-notch quality.

Xepto Academy, a learning provider of quality courses for educators, offers a portfolio of CPD courses that teachers can take to keep up with their CPD requirements. Established to respond to the needs of a digital learning community, you can take Xepto Academy courses from home — no need to go through traffic or miss your classes.

One of the main differentiators of Xepto Academy’s CPD courses is technology. Technology is all around us, and it’s changing the way we live and learn. Xepto Academy offers courses on educational technology integration, showing us how to harness the power of tech to create exciting and interactive learning experiences. This opens up the opportunity for students to appreciate our lessons more, leveraging digital technologies right in the classroom!

Some CPD courses by Xepto Academy are as follows:

Reimagining Education: Designing for Scalability and Adaptability

Gain insights into the future of digital education from the perspective of leaders. Discover strategies for driving adaptable and scalable digital transformations in the education sector. Explore experiences and key learnings from global education leaders during the transition to remote learning.

Instructor: Theresann Gatapia, LPT, MST-Bio

CPD points: 3.00

Price: Php 300

Classroom Management: Once & For All, You Can Solve That Discipline Problem

Deploy practical strategies for effective classroom management and discipline without resorting to shouting or yelling. Learn from renowned educator Dr. Harry K. Wong, and explore the power of procedures and routines in managing students. 

Instructor: Emmanuel M. Rentoy

CPD points: 1.50

Price: Php 300

Character Matters

Develop a character-focused teaching approach. Gain insights into the influence of digital lifestyles on student character, and promote digital detoxification. 

Instructor: Emmanuel M. Rentoy

CPD points: 8.00

Price: FREE

For more courses that you can take for your CPD requirements, go to

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