Xepto Learning Management System
Connect. Engage. Manage students.

The Xepto Learning Management System (LMS) is an education-technology solution that enables teachers to connect, engage, and manage their students. With the LMS, educators can publish courses, assess what students learned, and deploy interventions to improve learning outcomes. 

All these up and running in a system that’s accessible anywhere, 24/7.

Rich learning experiences

Create videos, interactive activities, audio files, and more to make each lesson memorable and customized according to the needs of students.

Data-based optimization

Automatically generate reports on learner performance, system usage, and other data to help you adjust your approach to learning.

Mobile app for offline viewing

Poor wifi shouldn’t be a hindrance to learning. Download courses on the mobile app for later consumption anywhere.

Xepto LMS Features

School Administrators

Xepto LMS helps school administrators operate efficiently and effectively in the new normal: facilitate good communication flow despite movement restrictions, make decisions based on data, and keep the organization going through any disruption.

  • Announcements for the class, batch, parents, employees, or for the whole system
  • Built-in analytics and reports to monitor student and teacher activities
  • Grade book export to DepEd forms

IT Administrators

Xepto LMS is designed with resilience in mind. It is optimized to perform efficiently in the cloud and equipped with tools and settings that will safeguard your organization’s assets and your user data. With Xepto’s Support Team, Xepto LMS is lightweight on maintenance.

  • Managed software updates
  • Service monitoring and recovery
  • Fully-automated backups on the cloud
  • Full restoration from image backups 
  • Fully encrypted to prevent attacks
  • Role-based user restrictions
  • Outage and maintenance notification


Instructors create their video, audio, and text materials right in Xepto LMS. The platform enables active learning through interactivities, forums, and assessments. With an intuitive platform to house their courses, teachers can focus on putting together quality content.

  • Highly intuitive user interface for creating interactive content
  • Built-in course workflow
  • Centralized and consolidated storehouse of educational data
  • Customizable fonts and colors 
  • Auto-enrol students into courses
  • Provides a collaborative platform for course creators


The learner remains at the center of the pedagogy that Xepto LMS is built on. Though remote, students take up courses as they were designed by the instructors, at a pace that is comfortable for self-managed learning with courses in interactive formats for better engagement and retention.

  • Multimedia courses in interactive formats for better retention
  • Fully digital delivery for remote learners
  • Available for offline consumption through a mobile app
  • Digital course certificates

The Xepto Difference:
We make Xepto LMS work for you


Set up cloud LMS based on best practices that have worked for client schools


Training for teachers, students, parents, and administrators on how to use the LMS according to their roles

Continuous Support

Continued support through a helpdesk, training sessions, and quality content through Xepto Academy

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