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Lead your organization into a tech-empowered environment.

Xepto Education provides digital transformation consultancy, high-tech solutions, quality content and training for institutions in the Philippines to adopt effective methods for training and learning in distanced, virtual and hybrid environments.

You too can help Filipino students and teachers create a productive learning environment. Become a part of our network that enables educators and professionals upskill. Connect with us at hello@xeptoeducation.com to know how we can work together.


Xepto CPD Courses

With Xepto CPD courses (under Xepto Academy),  academic professionals can work around their busy schedules to further their learning and earn their annual CPD requirements — 100% online. Our CPD-accredited courses are also aligned with Xepto Education’s online learning pedagogy, so that we do not only say what needs to be done — we show what needs to be done. 

Some of the CPD courses are:

  • Getting Started with Online Teaching
  • Journey to Effective Online Teaching: Best Practices
  • Classroom Management in a Virtual Environment
  • Developing Digital Learning Content: Innovate, Improve, Inspire

Xepto Learning Management System

Xepto LMS is a cloud-based learning management system  that provides a venue for instructors to create rich learning experiences with ease, as learners access these contents anytime, anywhere.

  • Multimedia courses in a productive learning space
  • Dynamic and interactive activities to make learning more memorable
  • Electronic delivery of lessons to student devices
  • Instant and multi-way feedback
  • Administrator and community involvement

Xepto Academy

Xepto Academy is a digital library of quality courses for continuous learning and professional development. Following Xepto Education’s online learning pedagogy, modules are created with varied media engaging learners as they upskill and progress.

  • Courses in education, personal, and professional development created by top university professors, Silicon Valley professionals, and industry leaders.
  • CPD and certification courses for continuing education
  • Trusted by top schools to upskill their faculty

Xepto Digital Classrooms

Bring tech-enabled learning experiences to your organization. The Xepto Digital Classroom is  a network of thin client workstations where learners can interact and participate  — while the administration enjoys hassle-free management and maintenance at a low cost.

  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Lower power consumption
  • Low maintenance, high performance
  • Security built-in
  • Fast setup and delivery
  • Support from Xepto technical team

Xepto Biblio

Xepto Biblio is a reliable source of quality digital content for learners of all ages, curated by educators and sourced from respected sources such as McGraw Hill Education.

  • Easy purchase and secure payment
  • Content written, edited, and reviewed by academics and industry experts
  • Products delivered straight from publisher

Xepto Training

Xepto helps educators acquire the skills in wielding education technology tools and master the online learning pedagogy. Through Xepto Training Programs, we aim to groom Xepto Certified Educators who are innovative, strategic, and creative in the virtual classroom. The result: an engaging and impactful learning experience for both the teachers and the students.

  • LMS investment and usage maximized
  • Meaningful learning experiences for teachers and students
  • End-to-end knowledge training for LMS

Xepto Care

Xepto Care is Xepto Education’s support solution. We have a team of technical engineers and educators who will help you onboard your teachers, students, parents, school staff, and IT administrators into your learning platform. Our goal is for every user to master the LMS, so they can be productive educators, learners, and administrators in a remote learning setup.

  • User adoption and productivity
  • Enriched educating and learning experience
  • Worry-free tech-readiness

Xepto Data Analytics

Xepto Data Analytics helps school administrators improve and optimize their learning management system and processes based on data. The same system is used to automatically generate reports to be submitted to the school board or to the Department of Education.

  • Monitor performance of teachers and students

  • Automatically and accurately generate reports

  • Make decisions based on data

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    Join this community of instructors, advocates, and experts  in a safe space to raise questions, suggest solutions, and have healthy discussions on topics that are both socially and academically relevant to lifelong learners.

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