CPD Requirements and Mechanics for Filipino Teachers

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) mechanics according to the Professional Regulation Commission

ChatGPT in Today’s Classrooms

ChatGPT has also become popular — though a bit controversial — in the academe. When integrated with school technologies like a Learning Management System (LMS), it can improve a teacher’s productivity, help produce content, and automate administrative tasks like assessments. 

What is a Learning Management System?

Teacher Agnes likes preparing fun activities for her Biology students. The night before class, she created an interactive quiz for her students to determine the different organs of the digestive system. Because her school has recently implemented a learning management system (LMS), she could do this in a drag-and-drop interface, from the comfort of her own home. She notifies her students through...

How Technology Will Change the Physical Classroom: A Student’s Perspective

A student shares developments that helped her in her academic endeavors over the course of the quarantine.

Migrating to an LMS: Things to Consider for an Easy Switch

Explore the key considerations for a seamless migration to a Learning Management System.

Mindset over matter

Mindset over matter

Learn about the fixed mindset versus growth mindset, and how educators can leverage a growth mindset in the classroom.

Starting over well

Starting over well

A Xepto Education teacher reviews the past months and shares what teachers can do to become better educators at the time of COVID-19.

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