Xepto Services

Xepto was born in order to serve the needs of our teachers, students, learning administrators and parents (if in an environment of young learners). 

General Consulting

The first step in the learning journey is always to listen to the requirements of the learning institution.  Sometimes, very little spend is needed on EdTech infrastructure and all that is needed is a recalibration of the Enterprise Architecture or the proper and appropriate adoption of best practices in pedagogy.  Of course, almost always the first thing requested becomes continuous education of the teachers or trainers. Hence, our most requested service after the general consulting is teacher training.

Digitizing Services

Often the teachers are in need of help to transform their teaching materials into digitally appealing and easy-to-learn-from formats. If the school adopts the Xepto Learning Management System (LMS) then we assist the teacher in organizing and presenting her digital lesson plans in the Xepto LMS.

We also assist the teachers and institutions to find cost appropriate and highest quality learning materials from our many partners.

After-Sales Services

After any Xepto intervention in a learning institution, monitoring systems are put in place to track the most important metrics for successful learning outcomes.  Unlike others who just ask if a piece of hardware or software was installed, Xepto prides itself in being your long-term partner.  We recommend and assist, if needed, the monitoring of the digital transformation and insuring that your students indeed acquired what they came to you to learn.