Xepto Teacher Training

“Far from minimizing the role of well-qualified teachers, the model of the Stanford Online High School makes the case that expert instruction (and instructors who are experts) has at least as central a role as enhanced curriculum in better meeting the needs of talented students.”

Bricks and Mortar: The Making of a Real Education at the Stanford Online High School by Scarborough and Ravaglia

How we empower teachers

Teachers are some of the most selfless, dedicated but underappreciated professionals in the world. We expect much from them.

Xepto Education’s first and foremost task is to share with these modern-day heroes the best practices learned globally in the application of digital tools and materials to make their teaching job more efficient, productive and enjoyable. Today’s environment necessitates:

  1. Training seminars – both online and face-to-face when possible
  2. Mentoring and support – a vital activity often neglected in the digital transformation journey
  3. Refresher Workshops – especially as technology and tools get updated frequently