Xepto Learning Environment

Xepto LMS

Xepto understands the teachers’ needs to access quality content and tools that are necessary for 21st century learning. With the myriad of resources available in the Internet today, the teacher finds it challenging to curate what tools and content are suitable for the students. And once the teacher invests in a particular tool, they will be dependent on how often the tool is being upgraded (if at all) by its providers. Multiply that with the number of tools a teacher needs for her classes and it becomes a cumbersome task for her rather than helping her teach better.

Xepto’s Digital Learning Environment addresses that by providing teachers initially with curated learning tools and content that are all centrally located and maintained through Xepto’s Learning Management System (LMS). Xepto Learning Platform includes an extensive library of quality content that is growing by the day.

Based on the world’s most popular LMS, Moodle, the Xepto LMS has a number of unique features custom-integrated for the settings of Asia. Well-loved features are the hybrid-cloud availability for the internet-challenged schools, its easy user-friendly design, and the seamless integration with other learning tools. Some major reasons why the Xepto LMS is selected over off-the-shelf LMS products are its open-source extensibility, affordability and the fact that schools can customize it to their needs.