Xepto Learning Environment

Xepto LMS

Online is the future of learning. But it comes with challenges like choosing the right platform and accessing the right content.

Xepto Education understands the urgency of providing quality education to learners of all ages today. We created the Xepto Learning Environment — composed of the technology platform Xepto LMS and the content library Xepto Academy.

Xepto Learning Management System
Xepto LMS is an environment where students and teachers connect, engage, and manage their learning experience. Educators publish lessons, activities, and exams within the system. Learners log in to access them and complete assignments at their own pace.

Build multimedia courses
Videos, presentations, documents, audio — Xepto LMS can host a variety of content and files to best present the lessons to learners.

Create engaging activities
Within Xepto LMS, you can create dynamic and interactive activities. You don’t have to stick to traditional exam formats. Leverage the cloud facility of Xepto to make each lesson memorable.

Customize learning experiences
Students learn at different paces. In Xepto LMS, you have visibility of how each student is faring. You can keep the interest of fast learners with more challenging and advanced work, and you can provide supplementary resources for those who are struggling.

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Xepto Academy
Technologies are constantly evolving. The world is changing. To keep yourself competitive in the academic and professional world, you need to be armed with skills and knowledge. Xepto Academy is a learning library where quality meets continuous education.

Xepto Academy has the best of the best mentors for subject matters like online teaching, technology, maths, sciences, humanities, professional skills, and soft skills. Whether you want to improve your credentials in your current role or to comply with your professional license renewal requirements, Xepto has certified courses to help you enrich your career.

Xepto Academy is free! Sign up for a free account by emailing hello@xeptoeducation.com.