Product and Services

Leveraging on the success of having developed the first Philippine designed and manufactured computer, which was custom-built for the Philippine government, Xepto expanded beyond its IT platform offering to include the following suite of services and products.

  1. Teacher training for 21st Century Pedagogy.
  2. The most trustworthy enterprise IT consultancy for educational institutions.
  3. A Learning Management System that is proven to be easy-to-use and best suits the needs of teaching in the Philippines, especially in today’s Covid-19 scenario.
  4. Learning tools and materials from the highest quality experts for teachers, parents, and students.
  5. Patent-pending, first Philippine designed computer system appropriate and customized for the SouthEast Asian setting.
  6. Quality after-sales services with remote monitoring capabilities.
  7. Library of courses for professional and personal development.
  8. Modules for educators with CPD Credits